Facilities and Resources

As researchers and their teams develop their hypothesis, or research question, the team should also identify space requirements and ensure they have access and the support of the hosting department or organization. This planning can include securing specialized facilities, or budgeting for specific equipment, supplies, tailored services, or specialized personnel. Now is also the time to be thinking about what, if any, symposia or conferences the scientific team may wish to attend to disseminate the results of their research. Including travel costs in a sponsored budget can reduce administrative complications in travel procurement during the project execution.


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for identifying and securing facilities and resources needed to conduct their research programs and projects.
  • Department research administrators can assist investigators by maintaining template documentation regarding facilities and resources available in their departments.
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs is available to assist researchers, their teams, and department research administrators interpreting sponsor requirements related to facilities and resources in proposals.


Documenting space available to conduct your research will include descriptions of the area available for the proposed activities. This may include laboratory space, clinical space, capacity and access to animal facilities, computer equipment for data collection and analysis, as well as office resources available to the team and administration. If you are applying for externally funded research it will be critical to review sponsor requirements related to space commitments. Additionally, the use of space not under the direction of the research team may require letters of assurance or commitment.


Identifying equipment needed to complete the aims of the project is another important step in the Plan/Propose stage and another area where it will be important to review sponsor requirements. Equipment as well as space not under the direction of the proposed research team may require assurances. Or, if equipment will be purchased, this is the time to plan for this expense by building it into the proposed budget.

Animal research considerations

The following are some topics to consider when planning for the use of animals in research:

  • The species and number of animals
  • Bio safety level
  • TAny specialized equipment or housing

Other resources

Specialty or non-standard resources are a part of nearly every research project and may include one or more of many shared university cores or facilities. Sponsors will have unique definitions and requirements for describing the quality of the resources, and what access the team will have to the resource during the project period.

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